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Please read the following information carefully. In our many years of experience, we have found that a well-informed customer is a satisfied customer. It is our goal to provide you with the best product and service that we possibly can.


The site must be level within 4″ prior to our arrival. If this condition is not met, we will need to know how far out of level the site is. We will assess charges on site for sites that are more than 4″ out of level, using the following formula (inches at the lowest point on the ground, times $.10, times the square footage of the shed) For example; if the lowest point is 12″ out of level, we will charge 12 x .10 x square footage.
Access to the site must be adequate to allow for the transport of materials to the site. Any obstructions must be removed prior to arrival. Sites that are more than 150′ from the street or that are difficult to maneuver, as a result of uneven terrain, steps, terracing, etc. will result in additional charges on site. The actual site should also be clear of personal belongings, animal waste, yard waste etc.. We do not permit our installers to drive company vehicles off road.
We require 2′ of clearance on all sides. We are available to conduct site checks if you are uncertain of the space. Any overhead obstructions must be removed or trimmed back to a minimum of 4′ above the peak to allow for roofing. We do not permit our installers to trim trees, move materials or alter the site to accommodate our requirements for construction. We are able to move buildings after construction, against a fence or wall however, we charge a minimum of $100.00 to move and re-level a shed in one direction only. We will not move into a corner of two walls.
We need a standard 110, 20 amp electrical outlet within 75′-100′ of the site. Extra extension cords will not meet this criteria. A $75.00 per day generator fee will apply if this condition is not met. This information must be available prior to our arrival on site so that we bring the correct equipment.
We need the customer or representative on site when we arrive. If the customer is not on site and a representative is there, the site must be clearly marked out, with door location noted. We will not accept responsibility for moving buildings after construction, if the customer’s representative provided incorrect information.

The signed contract is legal and binding. All changes to the contract must be in writing and agreed to by both CALIFORNIA SHEDS and the customer, no less than 4 working days prior to scheduled delivery. We will not accept responsibility for changes agreed to verbally, without a written instrument to support the change. Contracts and information sheets must be signed and a 50% deposit provided prior to scheduling delivery/installation (no exceptions). We accept major credit cards, personal checks and bank checks, money orders and cash. A $25.00 fee will be imposed if checks are returned unpaid by your bank.
An order may be cancelled and a full deposit returned if the cancellation is given, in writing, no less than 4 working days before scheduled delivery. We will retain a 15% restocking fee if cancellation is made in less than 4 working days and production has begun. The full 50% deposit will be retained if the cancellation occurs on the day of delivery.
Postponement of delivery dates must be done no less than 4 working days from scheduled delivery date. The following fees will apply for postponements: $65.00 if postponed in less than 3 working days; $100.00 if postponed on the morning of scheduled delivery, prior to 7:30 a.m.; $250.00 if postponed after installers arrive on site and the building is postponed by the customer, the customer or representative is not on site, or the installers are unable to complete due to non-compliance of said requirements. We make every attempt to meet our scheduled deliveries. Should emergency staffing situations prevent our delivery of a building, we will notify the customer at the first opportunity. We accept no responsibility for reimbursing purchaser for lost work time associated with postponements.

Unless otherwise agreed, all sheds are sold as “personal property.” It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check with local building departments, community associations, CC&R’s etc., for size, placement or construction restrictions that apply to their particular application and to adhere to those restrictions. Purchaser accepts responsibility for all changes required in construction or position of the shed to conform to jurisdictional codes before or after installation.
CALIFORNIA SHEDS is not responsible for obtaining building permits. We can assist in this process by providing plans and engineering at a minimum charge of $125.00. We require that the purchaser provide a detailed plot plan, identifying the proposed site and proximity to existing property lines and structures. We offer no guarantee that the building department will accept our standard plans, without requiring revisions, as codes differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. CALIFORNIA SHEDS may provide permit retrieval for customers at an additional cost. Call for price quote. (This does not include the actual price of the permit)